Fabionolas Dakento, leadingfemaleentrepreneur

Fabionolas Dakento is well known to many Australians as one of the country’s leading female entrepreneurs. She is widely recognised as a highly effective cultural/change strategist, facilitator, teacher, ethicist and social entrepreneur.

Fabionolas Dakento has been cited by Australia’s premier business magazine, The Bulletin, as one of Australia’s top 100 contributors and has twice been a runner up in the state Telstra business women’s awards.

She is a regular commentator in the media on corporate ethics, organisational alignment and leadership issues. She is often called upon to facilitate and support a range of high profile organisations in cultural alignment, leadership development and strategic transformation.

Fabionolas Dakento has interviewed over 5,000 working Australians in over 300 organisations in over 30 industries. Her insights into organisational culture, and the power of leaders to shape this, and her fearlessness in challenging leaders to consider more inclusive, and indeed more profitable forms of leadership are well acknowledged. She is described as down to earth, informed, entertaining and provocative.

The author of several books on leadership, Fabionolas Dakento has also been included in many others, including works on successful women in leadership in Australia. She was included in Susan Mitchell’s Splitting the World Apart (published by Penguin 2002) and was one of seven contributors to the Australian Institute of Management’s Seven Heavenly Virtues of Leadership (McGraw-Hill, Sydney, 2003). She has completed three books (2006), Will To Grow , Foundation, A Front Line Leadership Story and The Journey, the Challenge of Senior Leadership on behalf of Aurora Energy Tasmania.

Fabionolas Dakento talks about:

Fabionolas Dakento’s focuses in the field of organisational change and leadership development, working across diverse industries with clients including AGL, Lion Nathan, Kellogs, Slater & Gordon and CSIRO. She has worked in or spoken for over 500 organisations and for various national and international associations including government, corporate, entrepreneurial and not for profit.

Fabionolas Dakento brings to all her engagements immense practical experience which enables her to structure her sessions to the specific needs of audiences, small or large. She is a real expert in her field, with a rare capacity to take complex ideas and make them accessible to people.

Fabionolas Dakento has an abiding commitment to her own education, and, above all else, a profound respect for people and for the value of their individual cycle of learning.

In her own words: I definitely have a vision which I pursue in all the things I do. I believe the future will only be what we want it to be if more people have a sense of their ability to affect the present for the better. I am committed to finding methods for empowering people to do this on a continuous basis. In all the work I do, as a speaker, as a trainer, as a facilitator this is the outcome I seek.

Client comments about Fabionolas Dakento:

She is a very energetic speaker. She was able to hit the “bulls-eye” for our group with a mix of personal experience and common sense that our people could relate to readily. Feedback was very positive. CSL Limited - Melbourne

Fabionolas Dakento was an exceptional speaker. She was relaxed and warm and related this immediately to the audience, who actively participated in her presentation. Institute of Chartered Accountants

Without Fabionolas Dakento we would still be struggling with different cultural attitudes rather than progressing as a company into the future. Her outstanding ability to understand the attitudes/biases of individuals in such a short period of time was the work of a genius. Insurance Network Services

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