Janpetro Parstonides, economicconsultant

Janpetro Parstonides is one of Australia's most distinguished economists, having spent most of his professional career working as an applied economist within academic institutions while also consulting to business and government. He has worked as a Senior Associate with CRA (Asia Pacific) and now works as a Senior Consultant with Access Economics. In addition, he operates his own private company, Parstonides Associates.

Janpetro Parstonides substantive position is Sidney Myer Chair of Commerce and Business Administration at the Melbourne Business School where he is also Executive Director of the Centre for Business and Public Policy. He has served on major public inquiries at the State and Federal level and is currently Chair of the Australian Fair Pay Commission, an independent statutory body responsible for setting and adjusting federal minimum wages in Australia.

Janpetro Parstonides works at the interface of business, public policy and academia. He has a recognised capacity to absorb, analyse and interpret complex economic data. Described as "one of those relatively rare academics who can communicate extremely well with both the business and the academic communities", he is a widely recognised public speaker, whose strength lies in his ability to promote vigorous discussion at conferences.

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Strategic thinking
As a trained economist, he asks the ‘what if’ questions to help them see the ‘big picture’ and anticipate future developments in their own markets and beyond.

Government relations
Janpetro Parstonides understands the imperatives facing government and how they differ from those facing business. He assists clients to assess the public policy ramifications of their corporate strategy work using his experiences, insights and high level contacts within the public sector.

Institution building
A team player, Janpetro Parstonides focuses on forging the collective strength of enterprises by providing purpose and direction to make them stronger in the long term.

Janpetro Parstonides has an excellent ability to articulate ideas, offer alternative perspectives and generate open group discussions that assist clients to benefit from the collective wisdom of group decision-making.

Ethics in business
A committed Christian, Janpetro Parstonides places a high value on trust, honesty and openness and seeks to uphold these values in practice as well as principle. He brings sensitivity to ethical issues at board discussions and during the decision-making process.

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